Mediation packages start at $1750, and include all filing fees, two hours of mediation at convenient times and locations, assistance with court-mandated forms, links to forms, drafting the final agreement, filing forms, and 24/7 access to mediation information. When parties request additional mediation time, or more complex drafting is required, each additional hour is $250.

For services that involve divorce, custody, support, parentage, guardianships, prenuptial agreements, minor's counsel and unbundled legal services, I charge $250 per hour. I keep my hourly rate down (under what most family law attorneys charge and significantly less than most family law specialists) because by working from a virtual office, I pass my savings on to you. You are not paying for a secretary, paralegal, rent, coffee, and all the other expenses associated with maintaining a brick and mortar office. I read all emails and handle all calls, not staff. When you call, you talk to me. If we need to meet, we'll select a time and location that works for your schedule. And when you receive your billing statement, you can see in detail all the work that has been performed on your behalf. When a case requires a retainer, that is discussed at the time I am retained.